The Exodus  >  Egypt to Moab

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“abiding in the teaching of Christ” - 2 Jn 9

For years I just accepted the traditional Exodus Journey and even put it in my "Bible History & Geography Notes", and other study materials.   But a few years ago I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject.  That which follows is the result of that study - an 86 slide Powerpoint presentation, divided into 4 parts - Introduction, Mt. Sinai, Kadesh, & the Crossing.  I reference several whose material I have studied and would suggest you might want to also study.  My friend, Steve Rudd (, may have more on the subject than anyone else and it is good, however, I do disagree with him on "the crossing" location.  I hope this is helpful and feel free to send comments, criticisms, and/or questions. -  grb