Glenn Burt

  • Sabbath-Verses Sabbatarians Misuse28:56

Glenn Burt

Faith, Hope & Love ~

  • God's Judgment - Characterstics, when & what30:06

Verses: Amos, Matt, 2 Pet,  Heb ~

Glenn Burt


  • Kingdom-Tribulation-Antichrist-Rapture29:32

Are We Still Under the OT Law ~

  • Sabbath, Questions About27:08

  • Sabbath-More Verses Sabbatarians Misuse28:08

What is it, When given, Who is to keep it, etc.~

Four (4) Lessons on the SABBATH: 

church of Christ - Bryan, Tx
“abiding in the teaching of Christ” - 2 Jn 9

  • Believing A Lie29:29

Believing A Lie ~

These are 30 minute Bible Lessons as presented on the radio when we were in Nacogdoches, Texas.  There is a short introduction telling about the church and our work there.  Of course, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information are no longer valid.  In addition to this Sunday morning program we also had a daily 30 minute call-in question and answer program.  Both were  called "Bible Answers".   We hope you will listen to these basic Bible Lessons and tell others about them also.  We will be glad to give a Bible Answer to any Bible Question  you ask and we would be happy to have private studies either by e-mail and/or other means.  You can find  current contact information  (e-mail,  phone,  &  snail mail)  on our Contact Page.   Also check out our Biblical Video......

Glenn Burt

Kingdom - Tribulation - Antichrist - Rapture --- ~

The Right Way of the Lord ~

The Power of God ~

  • Are We Still Under the OT Law26:54

Salvation by God's Grace ~

  • Only IN Christ29:29

Only IN Christ ~

Faith ONLY Salvation ~

God's Judgment ~ Characteristics of,  When & What ~ 

  • The Power of God27:40

  • Sovereignty of God28:09

More Verses: Ezek & Isa ~

  • Sabbath and the Kingdom27:28

  • Salvation by God's Grace27:56

  • Faith, Hope & Love29:23

  • The Right Way of the Lord28:12

  • Denominationalism27:57

Denominationalism ~

Sovereignty of God & Predestination ~

Sabbath after 2nd coming ~

  • Faith Only Salvation28:27